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Drew Watson Ph.D.

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Bullet Biotechnology

Helping Patients Fight Their Own Battles

About Bullet Biotechnology

Bullet Biotechnology is an innovative biotech company developing powerful products which will train a patient's own immune system to fight disease. The first disease in Bullet Biotech's crosshairs is B-cell lymphoma. Bullet Biotech's personalized product very precisely targets a unique marker present on all B cells. The theory that a patient’s immune system can be trained to safely target this marker, the idiotype protein, has been proven by decades of research at places like Stanford and the NIH. In addition to successful research, approved products such as Provenge and Yervoy - products that activate the immune system to effectively fight cancer - hint at the pivotal role immunotherapy will play in the future treatment of cancer. 

Recently, preliminary in-vivo data from a study of several of its active immunotherapy product candidates in tumor-bearing mice demonstrated a significant survival advantage over control vaccinations. After reviewing the results, Ronald Levy, M.D., said, “This animal experiment is very encouraging for Bullet's technology. It suggests that the Bullet idiotype vaccine is superior to the previous "gold standard.” Bullet Biotech's study using the 38C13 mouse model of lymphoma was conducted by Aragen Bioscience, Inc., headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA. In addition to the in-vivo proof of concept studies, Aragen also conducted the initial manufacturing process development and product characterization of Bullet Biotech's idiotype vaccine. Bullet Biotechnology and Aragen are continuing to further develop manufacturing and analytical methods for Bullet Biotech's vaccine in preparation for clinical trials. Bullet Biotechnology is continuing to analyze the results of the study while aggressively moving forward with Aragen on further pre-clinical in-vivo and in-vitro studies as manufacturing methods are prepared for clinical trials.

Drew Watson is currently a Scientific Advisor to Bullet Biotechnology along with Dr. Tom Theriault, Dr. Sam Sacks, Dr. Jim Schwartz, and Dr. Ron Levy among others. Bullet Biotech’s experienced management team is taking a practical approach to building and realizing value for patients and investors. For additional information, please contact Bullet Biotech at info@bulletbio.com.

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