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Drew Watson Ph.D.

Advancing Personalized Medicine



Business and Scientific Education

University of California, Los Angeles

Ph.D. Biostatistics

Advisor: Robert Elashoff, Ph.D.
Grade Point Average: 3.8
Thesis: Influential Observations in Survival Models with Censored Data
UCLA Biostatistics Department



Stanford University

M.S. Computational Statistics

Advisor:Jerome Fiedman, Ph.D.
Grade Point Average: 3.8

Stanford Statistics Department




California State University, East Bay

B.S. Statistics

Advisor: Dean Fern, Ph.D.
Grade Point Average: 3.5
Department of Statistics and Biostatistics


Golden Gate University

M.B.A., Executive Management

Advisor: David Palmer, Ph.D.
Grade Point Average: 4.0
Department of Business Administration