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Drew Watson Ph.D.

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Actionable Diagnostics

About Organ-I

Organ-I is a molecular diagnostic company, whose novel tests are radically changing the way renal diseases are diagnosed today. These tests drastically improve the ability of clinicians to monitor the health of transplanted kidneys, and provide valuable treatment information for their patients. Organ-I holds the exclusive license to the patented technology from Stanford University and is now beginning commercial operations in Northern California.

Currently, the renal transplant community is heavily reliant on serum creatinine levels as a trigger to diagnose acute rejection. However, serum creatinine is a late indicator of renal injury and exhibits high variability and high false positivity. These inadequacies lead to delayed diagnosis and irreversible renal damage. As such, Organ-I has developed the World’s first predictive test of acute rejection. This solid organ rejection test (SORT) accurately detects acute rejection 4 months prior to biopsy or other signs of clinical graft dysfunction. SORT will allow clinicians to circumvent acute rejection and increase the lifespan of transplanted organs by up to 9 years. SORT is intended to be utilized in conjunction with standard clinical assessment.

Drew Watson is currently a Scientific Advisor to Organ-I along with Dr. Isha Abdullah and Dr. Minnie Sarwal among others. For additional information, please contact Organ-I at www.Organ-I.com.

Organ-I Video Link

Dr. Minnie Sarwal on Diagnostics for Transplant Monitoring